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New Ulm Public Schools Activities

High School
1600 Oak Street
New Ulm, MN 56073

Middle School
414 S Payne Street
New Ulm, MN 56073

Welcome to New Ulm School Activities

New Ulm Public Schools offers educational activities programs, and as such, we believe strongly that our purpose is to promote lifelong personal growth and development.

Student participation will encourage individual development by providing opportunities for leadership, sportsmanship, fellowship, teamwork, commitment to goal achievement, character building, communication skills, competition, and school pride. Through their involvement in our programs, students are expected to improve their decision making processes, develop self discipline and self esteem, respect individual differences, and promote a healthy attitude toward addressing challenges. We believe these are the characteristics that will support a successful program and a successful future for our students, wherever their path may lead.

The New Ulm Eagles compete in the Big South Conference and are members of the Minnesota State High School League.


Winter activity registration opens Monday, October 2, 2023.

Winter Parent Athlete Coach (PAC) Meeting for high school programs is October 30, 2023 at NUHS.

Click here to register (Parent Portal)

Fall Sports
1st day of practice: August 14, 2023

Head Coach: Derek Lieser

Head Coach: Dave Dake

Head Coach: Jonathan Johnson

Head Coach: Peter Engeldinger

Head Coach: Christine Skogland

Head Coach: Kallie Schugel

Winter Sports
Click on a sport to see the first day of practice

1st day of practice: November 20, 2023

1st day of practice: November 13, 2023

1st day of practice: November 13, 2023

1st day of practice: November 13, 2023

1st day of practice: October 30, 2023

1st day of practice: November 20, 2023

1st day of practice: October 23, 2023

Spring Sports
Click on a sport to see the first day of practice

1st day of practice: March 18, 2024

1st day of practice: March 11, 2024

1st day of practice: March 18, 2024

1st day of practice: March 18, 2024

1st day of practice: March 11, 2024

1st day of practice: TBD

1st day of practice: March 25, 2024

FallBoys SoccerGrades 7-12$150.00
FallCheer TeamGrades 5-8Gr. 5-6 $25.00/Gr. 7-8 $50.00
FallCheer TeamGrades 9-12$150.00
FallFootballGrades 7-8$50.00
FallFootballGrades 9-12$150.00
FallGirls’ SoccerGrades 7-12$150.00
FallGirls’ TennisGrades 5-8Gr. 5-6 $25.00/Gr. 7-8 $50.00
FallGirls’ TennisGrades 9-12$150.00
FallVolleyballGrades 7-8$50.00
FallVolleyballGrades 9-12$150.00
FineArtsFCCLAGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsFFAGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsJazz BandGrades 5-8$50.00
FineArtsJazz BandGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsPops ChoirGrades 5-8$50.00
FineArtsOak Street SingersGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsKnowledge BowlGrades 5-8$50.00
FineArtsKnowledge BowlGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsMath CountsGrades 5-8$50.00
FineArtsMusicalGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsOne Act PlayGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsPlayGrades 7-8$50.00
FineArtsPlayGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsRoboticsGrades 5-8$50.00
FineArtsRoboticsGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsSpeechGrades 5-8$50.00
FineArtsSpeechGrades 9-12$75.00
FineArtsClubs/Intramural Sports (Non Community Ed)Grades 5-8$50.00
FineArtsClubs/Intramural Sports (Non Community Ed)Grades 9-12$75.00
SpringBaseballGrades 7-8$50.00
SpringBaseballGrades 9-12$150.00
SpringBoys’ TennisGrades 5-8Gr. 5-6 $25.00/Gr. 7-8 $50.00
SpringBoys’ TennisGrades 9-12$150.00
SpringClay Target LeagueGrades 7-12$150.00
SpringGolfGrades 5-8Gr. 5-6 $25.00/Gr. 7-8 $50.00
SpringGolfGrades 9-12$150.00
SpringSoftballGrades 7-8$50.00
SpringSoftballGrades 9-12$150.00
SpringTrackGrades 5-8Gr. 5-6 $25.00/Gr. 7-8 $50.00
SpringTrackGrades 9-12$150.00
WinterBasketballGrades 7-8$50.00
WinterBasketballGrades 9-12$150.00
WinterDance TeamGrades 7-12$150.00
WinterGymnasticsGrades 7-12$150.00
WinterGirls’ HockeyGrades 7-12$150.00
WinterBoys’ HockeyGrades 9-12$150.00
WinterWrestlingGrades 5-8Gr. 5-6 $25.00/Gr. 7-8 $50.00
WinterWrestlingGrades 9-12$150.00

New Ulm Eagles Unified Booster Club

The Eagle Unified Booster Club was established to support the athletic teams and programs of New Ulm.


Clay Target

Dance Team





New Ulm Fine Arts Boosters Club

The New Ulm Fine Arts Boosters Club was formed to promote and support the Fine Arts programs of New Ulm.


Adult Yearly Pass: $75.00

K-12 Student Yearly Pass: $25.00

Senior Citizen Yearly Pass: Free

Replacement Pass: $10.00

You can purchase your Activity Passes Online or in the Activities Office anytime.
Click here to purchase Activity Passes online.

**Post Season Play: NUHS Passes will not be accepted for post season play. Each person must pay at the door. These events are Section sponsored, not by ISD 88.**

The Activities Office is located at the following address:
1600 Oak Street
New Ulm, MN 56073

Regular Season Admission Prices

  • $7.00 for Adults
  • Free for Senior Citizens
  • $5.00 for Students
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