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Business Office

New Ulm Business Office

414 S Payne St
New Ulm, MN 56073
507-233-6180 • Fax: 507-233-6181

Welcome to New Ulm Public Schools
Business Office

Audit Reports
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Business Office Contacts

Barbie Roessler – Business Manager

Amy Boesch – HR Staffing & Recruitment Specialist

Sheri Liebl – Food Service Benefits/Accounts Receivable/Student Activity Accounts/Purchasing/UPS-FedEX Shipping

Jenna Webster – Payroll Coordinator/Employee Leave Forms

Julie Ranweiler- Accounts Payable/MARSS Coordinator

Diane Simonson – Accountant

Accounts Payable Information

Green Expense Forms: Complete with name, address, destination, reason for request (name of workshop, reimbursement for supplies, etc), dollar amount and attach itemized receipts. For mileage reimbursement attach a Google Maps route with the mileage highlighted. Requests are processed approximately 1 1/2 weeks before the Board Meeting. You may obtain a green expense form from your school office or the Business Office.

Vendor Invoices: Verify that all items or services were received. If the invoice is correct, sign and date and return to the Business Office as soon as possible. If you have received incorrect items or are missing an item, please contact the vendor for a credit or replacement. All product or services require a purchase order. If this procedure is not followed, the invoice must also have the supervisor’s approval with the correct account code indicated on the invoice.

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