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District Curriculum and Instruction

The District Curriculum and Instruction Department includes curriculum, staff development, teacher induction, assessments, and instructional coaching.

New Ulm District Curriculum and Instruction

414 S Payne St
New Ulm, MN 56073
507-233-6193 • Fax: 507-233-6181
Director of Learning Services: Amanda Thorson

Welcome to New Ulm Public Schools
District Curriculum and Instruction

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

New Ulm Public Schools will provide educational excellence in partnership with students, families, and the community.

New Ulm Public Schools will provide experiences and opportunities that support all learners through:
  • Providing personalized learning opportunities for all
  • Offering mental health programs and supports
  • Creating multiple pathways for learning and preparation for post secondary
  • Encouraging and enhancing school pride throughout our communities 
  • Strengthening community engagement and outreach to our  marginalized populations

Empowering our learning community through equitable, engaging and  innovative programming.

  1. Increase student growth in state/national assessments 3% each year
    • Focused use of data to inform instruction
    • High expectations of every student
    • Intervention programs to close the achievement gap
    • Personalized learning for all
  2. Advance equity, diversity and inclusion in our schools
    • Professional development and learning for all staff and board members Collaborate with MSBA on policy review using an equity lens Review practices that may create barriers for certain populations
  3. Strengthen community engagement and outreach
    • Highlight programs and student success
    • Telling our story to our communities
    • Connecting with families who are underrepresented

State of the District

District Dashboard

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