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910 14th St N • New Ulm, MN 56073
507-766-5078 cell
Coordinator: Betty Uehling

Welcome to Eagles 3 Preschool

Mission Statement

​Eagles School Readiness Preschool’s philosophy is to provide a social-emotional, developmentally appropriate, high quality preschool experience in which learning takes place inside the classroom as well as outside and that social emotional development is as key to future success as academics.

Our program is based on the idea that in order for all children to be successful in the classroom and with their peers, they require a firm foundation in their personal social-emotional development before future learning can take place. Each child develops at his/her own pace.

Our School Readiness program fosters a child’s early learning in all developmental areas by not only providing a high quality curriculum and engaging classroom setting, but by also providing a high quality outdoor learning area featuring raised-bed gardens, a loose parts area designed to promote engineering and creativity, a giant sand area, and unlimited opportunities to learn and develop through play.


Our goal is to prepare students for school success by providing a firm educational beginning, introducing concepts such as numbers, letters, writing, and colors as well as teaching social and play skills. Each class day consists of free exploration time, small group work, music, large muscle exercises, circle time, story, and calendar. Eagles 3 Preschool works to meet the needs of the family through referrals to agencies and by providing parent education opportunities.


Full tuition is $200 per month for 9 months (2023-2024).

Reduced tuition rates are available to families who qualify.

$50/month for 9 months for bus transportation (paid in advance) (2023-2024)

Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $30.00 (2023-2024)

Eagles 3 Preschool is 4-Star Parent Aware Rated and accepts Parent Aware Scholarships.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Morning session: 8:00 am – 11:00 am

Afternoon session: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Children must be 3 years by September 1st to be eligible


Tier 2 Rate Qualifications

  1. Primary Caregiver – No GED or less than a high school diploma
  2. Family Income – Receiving, or are eligible for, free/reduced price lunch or SNAP (WIC and MA do not qualify)
  3. Mother was under 20 years of age at the birth of first child
  4. Single parent/guardian
  5. History of referral for special education services with child qualifying
  6. History of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse, neglect, or chemical abuse in the family (please circle all that apply)
  7. Child is an English language learner
  8. Family is homeless, doubling up temporarily with other family or friends due to economic hardship, or is staying in a shelter, car, hotel, or motel due to lack of accommodation during the last 12 months


Is transportation available with Eagles 3 Preschool?

Yes, on a limited basis. Bussing will only be available for the midday routes, and only for “in town” students.

We will offer an 11:00 am route from school for students who are in our AM preschool sessions. Parents would be responsible for transportation to preschool. This bus route will be offered to only “in town” students on a limited first come basis.

We will offer a 12:00 pm route to school for students who are in our PM preschool sessions. Parents would be responsible for transportation from preschool. This bus route will be offered to only “in town” students on a limited first come basis.

There is a $50/month bus fee charged for the 11:00 am and 12:00 pm routes (2023-2024).

How do I enroll my child in Eagles 3 Preschool?

To place your child on our preschool list, register online. Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted to discuss morning/afternoon programming and transportation. A registration fee will only be charged after you have been contacted and your child has been accepted into the program.

Does Eagles 3 Preschool offer a sliding fee schedule?

YES! We use the Free and Reduced Lunch guidelines and the school readiness qualifications to determine tuition for Eagles 3 Preschools. If you think you may qualify, please fill out the ISD 88 Free and Reduced Tuition form and submit it to either the ECFE or district Business Office. You will be notified if you qualify for Reduced Tuition, or if your family is Over Income for tuition assistance.


District Staff

Betty Uehling
Director of Early Childhood and Family Education Programs

Amber Backous

Eagles 3 Preschool Teachers
Jill Berdan

Melissa Nehls

Eagles 3 Preschool Paraprofessionals
Kristy Forst
Kourtney Turner


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